Zendesk: Smart solutions for growing businesses 


Zendesk is a suite of customer support and sales apps that are widely used around the globe. The company designs software programs that help with engagement, customer support, and sales.

Their services have become more critical as companies transitioned to online models during the global pandemic. If a business has a digital presence, it will want to invest in a robust help desk software solution. Through this, it can manage new leads and offer support to existing customers. With Zendesk, one can do it all.

While there are quite a few alternatives out there, Zendesk is still the market leader in offering support solutions. Its extensive suite of software apps is for businesses of all sizes.

If a business is looking for a viable tool for managing customer relationships, Zendesk might be wise. This Zendesk review will go over the main features and look at its pros. 

Advantages of Zendesk

As the leading help desk solution for enterprises, Zendesk seals almost everything one will need to kick their customer support up a notch. It’s also reasonable as a feasible lead management solution, making it a versatile platform for most businesses. Here are the major pros: 

  • The one-stop key for handling all incoming prospects or leads.
  • Zendesk Support offers instant topic recommendations for creating a creative and value-driven knowledge base.
  • Extended logs and history of all customer interchanges and engagements
  • Extensive time tracking options to gauge the efficiency of agents across several verticals.
  • A wide range of integrations and APIs are available through the Zendesk Marketplace
  • Highly customizable, scalable pricing to meet the demands of growing businesses.
  • One can automatically set triggers for specific incoming events to track, auto-assign, or close tickets.

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Features of Zendesk

One of the grounds why hundreds of thousands of businesses use Zendesk is its functionality and the sheer number of features. As one would expect, Zendesk has everything that one could expect from a robust support solution.

More importantly, the company continues to add new features and integrations, regularly incorporating feedback from its users. Several key features make Zendesk better than other support programs in the market. Some of them are as follows: 

Streamlined ticketing system 

One of the best features of Zendesk is its comprehensive ticketing system. It offers support for several types of tickets, including:

  • Zendesk offers support for more than 40 languages, so one can offer localized support in many regions. Moreover, you can select a language for knowledge base articles and FAQ sections, localized messaging, and set up specific business rules.
  • Zendesk also offers support using a series of different channels. Business agents can connect with customers via SMS, messages, phone, live chat, and directly on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
  • The software works like a centralized inbox for all support requests and tickets. Moreover, they are gathered in a single location from multiple sources, making it easy for agents to track which source the key was filed from.

Collaborative Support System 

Another reason support agents prefer Zendesk is its ease of use. The platform offers real-time updates of all generated tickets and activities. Businesses can see which agent is viewing a visa and who has been answering tickets consistently.

If a problem arises, agents also have the option of sharing comments privately with each other. This reduces the ticket resolution time and improves productivity by a considerable margin as:

  • Specific tasks can be automated, such as locking inactive tickets or bringing managers in the loop in case of a significant problem. The support staff can also optimize the platform to offer a better support standard.
  • Recurring queries from various customers can prevent agents from offering quality support. But, thanks to the customization features in the program, you can create macros to share personalized replies to different customers.

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Analytics and data reporting system 

Data and analytics are the best way to track and measure your company’s customer experience. Moreover, the help desk system gives a comprehensive array of metrics that one can follow to help them make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, this is a fantastic tool for people who like numbers and detailed insights. Some other advantages are: 

  • Additionally, the information received from the customer support function is translated into meaningful insights that one can view to determine the performance of your support agents. 
  • Businesses can view comprehensive customer analytical data to understand how prospects and customers engage with products and the support channels you’ve set up. It also gives an overview of the number of satisfied and dissatisfied customers.


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