Top 6 Finance SaaS Softwares


Finance SaaS Softwares: Finance SaaS Softwares: As a SaaS company or any other business, you would need the best accounting and financial management software to keep an eye on the performance of your business. Companies are embracing a new wave of enterprise resources planning cloud-based systems to satisfy this need.

Such software will help an individual reduce their expenses and optimize their efforts. These cloud-based accounting applications are also called SaaS finance software or SaaS accounting software. SaaS accounting software allows one to manage their finances remotely and take care of other issues like cash flow management, payroll, file taxes, etc, without any hassle. 

Top 6 Finance SaaS Softwares

1. Intacct 

Finance SaaS Softwares

Intacct is actually a company, but they offer a financial suite comparable to NetSuite if it is less feature-rich and a little bit green at the moment. Less known than its competitors, Intacct is quickly making a name for themselves, so while they’re a tad green in some departments, that’s no reason to snub them.

Intacct integrates with SalesForce and a few other popular CRM systems. This process makes it easier for finance individuals and businesses to handle their financial and analytical data without any hassle. The best part about this software is that it is compatible with individual business owners, freelancers, and substantial business corporations. 

2. Financial Force 

Announcing FinancialForce's new brand identity

FinancialForce is our highest recommendation for three reasons. It was developed by the CRM leaders who gave us SalesForce and offers a similar feature richness and customization power. Similarly priced and with the same primary account types, if you know how to use SalesForce, you can use this with almost no learning curve. Second, it integrates tightly with SalesForce, which ninety per cent of the planet uses now. Thirdly, according to research and statistics, it’s one of the more popular and affordable enterprise-scaled suites. 

3. Net Suite 

Finance SaaS Softwares

This ERP is one of the best SaaS finance software that is highly scalable. It aims to help startups solve many of their financial management problems at their early stage without incurring more costs.

Netsuite also makes collaboration in projects more accessible. It includes other tools like order management, marketing, customer relations management, salesforce, etc.

What’s more? Netsuite comes with a highly customizable dashboard that you can use to select features to match your specific business needs. It is a whole package deal of financial service tools that helps businesses work efficiently and sync with their work ethics. 

4. Freshbooks

This SaaS accounting software was founded in 2012; since then, Freshbooks has been a primary SaaS accounting tool. It offers cloud-based accounting and financial management solutions, and you can easily access them from anywhere. Freshbooks also secure your data.

Freshbooks dashboard is one of the best in SaaS. This software allows an individual to track the status of invoices. Hence, you know when customers receive their bills and when their balances are due. It also facilitates online invoice payments so customers can pay you directly from the invoice. Moreover, one can collaborate amongst their team members on their platform and work together seamlessly. 

5. Sage 50 cloud 

Finance SaaS Softwares

Sage 50 is another cloud-based SaaS finance software. It helps various businesses stay in control of their finances. Designed with 50 enterprise-level characteristics, it lets you stay track of your budgeting, inventory, sales, revenues, taxes, and many more. In addition, this SaaS service includes add-ons like POS, e-commerce, etc.

Sage 50cloud enhances user productivity with convenient, cloud-connected features, such as digital invoicing, online payments, automated bank reconciliation, and Microsoft Excel-based reporting. Remote access allows users to work on the go via laptop. 

The software has built-in accounting and finance compliance controls that maintain accuracy and prevent common errors. Additionally, security functions include suspicious transaction flagging, audit trails and user access settings. Data can be backed up locally or to the cloud.

6. Zoho Books 

Zoho Books Review | PCMag

Zoho is an exceptional SaaS financial management software that is good for businesses to stay on top of their finances. This cloud-based accounting software allows users to adjust the accounting management to match their projects. 

What’s more? You can use Zoho books no matter your company or business size. You can maintain your finance books and log them all in one place with proper application integration within no time. 


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