Pixis AI Software Infrastructure as a Powerful Tool for Marketing


What is Pixis Codeless Artificial Intelligence? 

Pixis AI Software

Pixis AI Software: Artificial Intelligence has transformed the ease of access for many businesses in a plethora of areas. Pixis AI has remarkably explored the world of Artificial Intelligence infrastructure for marketing. Starting in 2018, the company started with a sober realization that Artificial intelligence is the key to intelligent marketing. This software has extraordinary individuals who provide codeless AI-based software to different brands to help them grow.

Additionally, they intend to help businesses proliferate with the help of their codeless AI-based software: an exquisitely constructed to make marketing tasks easier for a brand or a company. In the span of 3 years, Pixis AI has built codeless AI infrastructure technology for nearly 90+ global brands to help them ease their success journey. They have provided many brands with their infrastructure as a secret recipe for brand growth. 

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How is codeless AI a powerful marketing tool? 

Before its growth in various types of technologies, data scientists and coders utilized AI. But now, AI is seen as a much-normal concept as businesses have started to engage with its codeless infrastructure. In the marketing landscape context, AI essentially encodes that data scientists and marketers collaborate to build a marketing AI infrastructure that comprises dozens and dozens of pre-trained AI models. AI is a powerful marketing tool as: 

  • It helps to interpret and analyze large chunks of data with ease of access. 
  • Along with that, it helps in Scaling up the operations as AI can do a lot of tasks together. 
  • It helps make quicker decisions as marketers can piece together extensive data and analyze it without hassle. 
  • One can also customize this software according to the needs of the project.
  • It enhances cost efficiency. 
  • It has time-saving capabilities
  • Limitless potential to automate tasks

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Why Pixis AI Software? 

Pixis AI so far has provided 90+ codeless AI infrastructural software to different brands and has made a mark by literally making it easier for companies to understand marketing with a codeless AI perspective. Not only that, but they have also created a balance between data and marketing with the help of their AI systems and software.

They establish a strong AI structure that makes marketing effortlessly scalable, spry and clever. Their AI structures are so commonsensical that it is straightforward for a layman who does not even know the meaning of AI to understand the software and make it their utmost efficient use. 

Pixis AI Software

Pixis AI software by far has been successful with its AI marketing tactics, and they provide a flexible data-driven AI model that caters to almost all the needs of a marketer. It provides an AI infrastructure that can constantly learn, communicate, and optimize marketing efficiency.

Moreover, they have self-evolving codeless AI models that interact with the data to provide accurate marketing data for a brand or a company. These codeless AI models offer accurate time marketing strategy monitoring to a company which enhances the structuring of marketing campaigns across different digital platforms with high-end proficiency. 

Types of AI services they provide? 

Pixis provides different types of codeless AI structures based solely on the needs of a specific company. To note, each of the specific codeless engines or infrastructure provides high-level efficiency that saves time and money for a company. They are: 

Targeting AI:

The most target-specific and powerful engine to extract targeted data at a time-saving cost, Targeting AI, is one of the other features of Pixis AI. This codeless AI model helps a brand predict, expand, and scale marketing strategies that boost the ROI.

Furthermore, the software instructs on various data sets that provide real-time marketing and company updates. What’s more, is that it also provides audience expansion and approx prediction details. It helps target the most relevant audience for a marketing campaign, making it easier for the brand to strategize. 

Creative AI:

This type of codeless AI helps a brand recognize and generate brand-specific creative engagement feedback. They provide creative design recommendations for a brand’s campaign or for their social media campaign. Simultaneously, they create company-specific optimized keyword headlines and product descriptions that create engagement. One of the advantages of this software is that even a layman can handle it without knowing anything about coding.

Governance AI:

This model is a governance engine that provides audience targeting, campaign specifics and creatives in real-time with quick optimum performance. Also, it provides target bid and budget recommendations based on the company financials. Along with that, and creates data-driven targeting and creative feedback for a company to increase its marketing game.


As a result, in this fast-growing world where marketing is considered a whole and sole of a business, every other company is optimizing its technology with codeless AI structures to enhance its performance. Thus, we at Kiwed, highly recommend opting for one if a brand wants to reach the pinnacle of success. For more similar articles, click here.

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