Passbase: An Ultimate Identity Verification Software?


Passbase is an identity verification software that intends to solve digital identity theft. With the help of its well-programmed outlet, Passbase provides seamless facial recognition, identity verification, liveness direction, KYC verification and AML compliance to business via flexible compliance tools. With a well-established base in over 190 countries, Passbase ensures companies live without the worry of digital identity theft in this generation of online frauds. 

As the pandemic began, everything shifted to remote work through the commendable technology access of the internet. With that, online identity theft and fraud also became prominent issues companies faced by providing services online.

Passbase offers these companies a swift offer to negate this issue with the help of their platform. They have helped many companies come out of the identity theft crisis to date. Furthermore, this is the first platform that accepts online payments via cryptocurrency, evident of technology advancement in recent years. 

By using Passbase, an identity verification software, companies can verify their users securely with the location access of over 150+ countries. Additionally, with this platform, developers can easily integrate their software with just a few lines of coding on iOS, Android and browser platforms. 

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Benefits of using Passbase? 

Passbase is a fully-integrated platform that offers seamless integration and secure services to the companies associated with it. It is a next-generation identity verification provider, undoubtedly making identity verification an easy task for companies. 

German Telemedia platform Teleclinic, a customer of Passbase, describes it as a saviour for them to integrate customer trust. Their photo ID verification system was quickly integrated with just a few coding lines with the help of passbase. 

Matthew Hamilton, COO and Co-founder of Linus, says, “Passbase has significantly reduced the time and cost of our manual review process as we grow our user base, and it’s invaluable to us to have a partner that so strongly believes in individual privacy and data security”

Passbase offers the following vast secure identity verification benefits to the companies: 

  • 1. Automated identification checks
  • 2. Reduction of digital fraud 
  • 3. NIST face recognition technology 
  • 4. Facial comparison 
  • 5. Speed up onboarding 
  • 6. Compliant additional checks 
  • 7. Platform security 
  • 8. Strong support system 
  • 9. Global reach over 150+ countries 
  • 10. Government verified identity checks 
  • 11. High scalability and redundancy 
  • 12. Easy to use SDKs
  • 13. Adaptable coding interface 
  • 14. Available for every platform 
  • 15. Flexible to business requirements 

Think how incredible it is to find such secure services to cure identity theft all in one place. Incredible! 

Services Offered by Passbase: identity verification software

identity verification software

Passbase offers a vast range of identity verification and securitization services depending on the flexibility and range of a particular company. The benefits are as follows: 

1. Identity Verification (Selfie Mode) 

Through the identity verification service, companies can scan their users with the help of video or selfie directed mode. For this service, users must upload a selfie on the company website to verify their identification. There is also a feature for 3-D identification to provide seamlessly integrated services to the business that need identity verification. 

2. AML Compliance 

With the help of Passbase’s seamless and highly programmed generated AML compliance software, companies can track and monitor fraudulent behaviour on their website or iOS/ Android software. Companies can also track risky behaviour and eliminate it according to their discretionary rights. 

3. Liveness Detection 

Liveness detection is a method used to identify and detect spoofing behaviour of whether a person on the website or the link is there or not. Additionally, with the help of Passbase’s active detection and passive monitoring system, businesses can easily capture any fraudulent behaviour on their website with their live detection software service.

4. Age Verification 

Some websites and companies have an age-restricted bar for users to interact with them. Those websites need a proper age verification mechanism that detects any unethically posing to be the wrong age to use the website services. At the same time, Passbase came as a rescue for those companies. Additionally, the platform offers businesses seamless age verification software to build trust with their customers and adhere to their website’s regulatory age requirements. 

All in one case management tool: identity verification software

Passbook also offers an all in one system especially programmed for companies who need all types of high profile verification needs for their work. Furthermore, this identity verification software is optimized with an in-depth analysis feature that enables the companies to capture fraudulent behaviour with various fast detectors and eliminate them much more efficiently. They also provide businesses with evident risk signals to notify them if any significant risk activities happen on their network. 

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Conclusion: identity verification software

Businesses need to be secure and updated with the latest risk detected servers in this fast-paced society where technology grows by the second. 

Thus, we at Kiwed highly recommend using Passbase for your business’s safety and verification requirements as this platform is known for its quality work. 


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