Layer 3: A crypto platform for DAOs?


Crypto platform for DAOs: Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to contribute to a DAO. We provide a marketplace of bounties where users can earn governance tokens by doing things as simple as putting out a tweet or as complex as redesigning a front-end. For DAOs, this is the missing piece in their tool kit. A mechanism to coordinate, track, and reward contributors. 

Contributing to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations in today’s world involves going through Discord, Google Sheets, Telegram, Airtable, and various other tools. The worst part is that it is tough to involve yourself on a part-time basis — no matter how skilled a person can be. They can either be a full-time contributor or full-time idle beings. That’s what Layer 3 as a crypto platform intends to fix. 

Cryptocurrency Platform

The platform wants to make cryptocurrency (NFT) and decentralized autonomous organizations an easy pathway. A pathway where individuals can seamlessly process through tasks. Once the final tasks are achieved, they earn cryptocurrency as rewards.

Crypto platform for DAOs marks the future of digital work in the cryptocurrency network. Anyone on this platform can trade off-chain activity for ownership of the cryptocurrency economy. 

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About Layer 3

Crypto platform for DAOs

Layer3 enables anyone to contribute to a DAO as a DAO infrastructure platform. It provides a marketplace of bounties where users can earn “governance tokens” by performing various tasks.

On this platform, users meet their ambitious goals through consistency, direction and, near-term execution work. Their near-term focus is a marketplace for micro-tasks, which is primarily social. Moreover, they partner up with web3 communities (DAOs) and curate a list of tasks that increase community engagement and promote virality.

Crypto platform for DAOs announces these tasks for users to claim and complete. After verifying a successful task completion, Layer 3 pays the user in a community’s native token. Layer3 charges a platform fee and takes a percentage of each bounty successfully claimed as its commission.

The platform truly believes that Layer 3 has the potential to ignite a significant amount of previously idle human capital within these communities.

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What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization? 

A DAO, or “Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” is a community that is led without any central autonomy. It is a fully autonomous community that is transparent. A community where intelligent contracts lay the foundational rules and execute the agreed-upon decisions. If proposals, voting, and even the code itself can be publicly audited at any given point.

Individual members control this organization and collectively make critical decisions about their project’s future, such as technical upgrades and treasury allocations.

Generally speaking, community members create proposals about the future operations of the protocol and then come together to vote on each submission. Submissions that achieve some predefined level of consensus are then accepted and enforced by the rules instantiated within the smart contract.

How does DAO works?

Large corporations ‘ familial hierarchical structures give way to community collaboration under this framework. Each individual member of the DAO oversees the protocol at some level.

Part of the elegance of this framework is the alignment of incentives. Additionally, it is in the individual’s best interest to be forthright in their voting and only to approve proposals that serve the best interest of the protocol itself.

A healthy, robust protocol will garner more usage and, in turn, increase the value of the tokens of which each DAO member is in possession. So as the protocol succeeds, so do the token holders.

How does the platform work? 

Layer 3 intends to work with decentralized autonomous organizations and help them navigate the growth of cryptocurrency. They are here to solve De-Fi’s development. This Crypto Platform for DOAs wants to build a strong DOA community. 

They are working by introducing different types of tasks that are content tasks such as blog posts, tutorials, demos. Technical tasks such as bug-bounties, front-ends, mobile apps on their platform. At the same time, this crypto platform for DAOs intends to onboard as many communities and users as possible.

Instead of providing a collective contribution interface that ultimately looks like a barbell. Their interface and DAO has a fully engaged user base that can get off the sidelines. With the help of this feature, users can push the product, brand, and DAO community forward. 

Their marketplace is set and spread across many communities and task types. Furthermore, this Crypto platform for DAOs intends to provide full autonomy to their communities. With the help of a novel incentive mechanism, they believe that anyone can use the Layer3 platform to create a task and verify completion. They also entrust that all the tasks are achieved with complete trust and organization.


We, at Kiwed, highly recommend using Layer 3. It is a platform where tasks are more manageable, and earning cryptocurrency is another easy affair. 


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