Keyword Finder: Best Keyword Research and Analytics Tool

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder tool helps you find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. It is a part of Mangools Suite, which actually contains five different devices, including:

  1. KWfinder
  2. SERP Checker
  3. SERPWatcher
  4. Line minor
  5. Site profiler

KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools to be working on. It comes with many highly efficient features, a seamless interface, and a beautiful design, allowing new users to make great choices. It comes with a free trial for you to know about all the features of this tool.

Suppose you are a digital marketer and looking to grow your website and reach a high ranking. In that case, you should definitely read this reviewed article of KWfinder for your reference. Go through this article and learn about its pricing, different features and its ability to perform.

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By now, you must have had an idea about the features included in KWFinder. However, Having insights about its features and how they will help you develop an idea about using this tool. Let us go through its features one by one:

1. Easy to Use

KWFinder is a keyword research tool that is very easy to use compared to most of its competitors and alternatives. The credit goes to Mangools, which decided to keep their devices segregated to avoid complex dashboards. 

2. Eye Catching Interface

The website UI of KWfinder catches all your attention, and you feel like you are using such a premium tool for just $29 per month. All the elements are very much visible. The card layout with beautiful shadows and nice colours gives you a smooth experience due to the stack behind the app.

As such, KWfinder remains very much value for money. Most of the software complain about their support for better UI, and I assume there would hardly be anyone complaining about their support.

3. Export or Add Keywords to List

Suppose you want to list the best-related keywords that take all your attention. In that case, you can opt to select those keywords and add them to an existing or new list inside the software in your user database, or you can export them to CSV and probably send them to the right person who will be further making use of them.

4. Traditional Keyword Research

Traditional keyword research is the way to find keywords with blue competition simultaneously with high search volume. Finding the best keywords is still preferred by various SEO users and content marketers.

You need to plug in a seed keyword and generate a list of related keyword suggestions to get started. From volume to keep a difficulty score and even a SERP analysis, it will be presented in front of you. Overall, KWFinder is a good tool for finding traditional, long-tail keyword research.

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Pricing of Keyword Finder

First of all, the best thing about this software is that it allows you to use a free trial to be satisfied with all its features and functioning. Free Trial of KWfinder lets you examine the keyword research feature for 10 days and allows you to make the buying decision after that. You can even save up to 40% with annual plans in KWfinder. KWFinder gives you a 48-hour money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the software.

Coming onto its plans, you have three plans mainly starting from:

1. Mangools introductory– Starting at $29 per month

  • Keyword lookups/24 hours – 100
  • Keyword suggestions/search – 200 of 700
  • Competitor keyword/search – 25
  • SERP lookups/24 hours – 100

2. Mangools Premium – Starting at $39 per month

  • Keyword lookup/24 hours – 500
  • Keyword suggestions/search – 700 of 700
  • Competitor keywords/search –Unlimited
  • SERP lookup/24 hours – 500

3. Mangool Agency

  • Keyword lookup/24 hours – 1200
  • Keyword suggestions/search 700 of 700
  • competitor keywords/search – Unlimited
  • SERP lookup/24 hours – 1200

Benefits of using Keyword Finder 

Some of the major benefits of using a Keyword finder are as follows: 

  • The platform has a plan for small to high-level businesses.
  • The keyword rank is tracked by the new SERPWatcher tool.
  • Specific tool for keyword search- Google SERP.
  • Quickly provide filtered data.
  • Provide a keyword listing and management functionality.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Easy to use and gives a fantastic user interface.
  • Gives an accurate search volume with a good keyword difficulty score.


When searching for a keyword research tool, a person looks up all these details before paying for the plan. The best part about the KWfinder keyword research tool is that you can use it for free for up to 10 full days and understand how it works and if it is helpful for your project. However, even if you are not satisfied after having purchased, you can still get cash back at any point time within 48 hours of payment.

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