Introducing Picsel: A Picture Collecting Society


Picsel is a picture collection society for effective licensing. It is a non-profit visual arts collection society that was created to provide a choice of representation. They indicate the visual arts rights holders and their representatives in the field of secondary licensing.  

About Picsel 

Picsel was formed in 2016. Right holders established it for Right holders as a collective management protocol for collecting visual arts, which is now usually known as ‘Collecting Society. They have made it possible for the right holders and shareholders to obtain the right to manage and authorize their visual arts in the form of a collective management organization. 

The non-profit organization ensures visual artists and shareholders get proper remuneration. They have a global network of licensing bodies to protect the copied work. Furthermore, this picture collecting society provides these visual artists with a share of royalties through this network. These royalties are meant to be collected in the UK and overseas. 

Picsel, with its copyright licensing agency, distributes revenues to the artists. Under their agency, they license all visual artists in state schools, private schools and language schools. 

With the help of their publishers’ licensing services, they offer and distribute a share of their visual art revenue. They also have a membership to the Educational Recording Agency through which they share their licensing revenue from the educational establishments. 

Picsel is affiliated with the Copyright Licensing Agency, Publishers Licensing Agency, Educational Recording Agency, International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization, British Copyright Council. Additionally, this picture collecting society is a part of the practical and creative voice of society. They intend to work and educate people about collective licensing. With the significant affiliation of CEPIC, Picsel works to create a global community of image licensors and supporters. They aim to generate more revenue for the rights of the visual artists whose work have been copied illegally. 

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Can someone claim copyright with Picsel? 

Picsel does offer the solution of reclaiming a claim with their organization. However, only those visual artists who have published their work can claim or reclaim their copyright. Individuals are eligible if their work is ever published in a magazine, website, or book published in the United Kingdom. They can also claim copyright if their work is ever broadcasted or showcased on a TV or OTT platform. 

How can they claim copyright with Picsel? 

With the help of Rights Share, which is Picsel’s online distribution system, visual artists can claim their copyrights. Members are allowed to claim their copyright each January every year. If the graphic artist is a member of the community, then they can easily download their copyright excel from the website. 

Artists can only claim copyright if their work is published on any website, book, or magazine for publication. The time limit of publishing should be either the previous year or preceding years to the date of claiming copyright. 

For TV broadcast claims, only programmes that were aired and featured in the previous year from claiming copyright are validated. Artists are required to download the form and submit it on the online Picsel portal. 

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How does Picsel pay the artists? 

Since 2017, Picsel has distributed a sum of 3.7 million euros to over 7000 rights holders under their distribution system. The members decide the distribution policy depending on the type of copyright claim. 

Subsequently, this picture collecting society is committed to a data-driven model of remuneration for rights holders. They make payments twice a year with the allocated remuneration money. 

When does Picsel Pay? 

Picsel annually pays twice to the rights holders. Twice to subdue and prompt accurate distribution amongst all the shareholders. Generally, the main distribution happens in the month of August/September. The follow-up payment happens in December in order to cater to any further distributions made in a similar year.

How much does Picsel pay? 

In 2020, individuals were allocated a sum of 10,000 Euros a year. An individual received about 2500 euros per claimed and approved copyright with this calculation. Thus, the minimum payment made by Picsel is 25 euros. Thus, the better the copyright claim is, the higher the claim amount is.

How to join? 

Access to the website of Picsel is free of cost. Even the allocated membership is free of charge. Visual artists have to fill out a form that is provided on the website to become a member of the non-profit organization. 


Picsel, as a community and non-profit organization, is working day and night to provide valid and justified copyrights. Furthermore, they intend to fight for their shareholders’ rights to maintain the equilibrium of equality and justice. Thus, we at Kiwed, highly recommend using this software and website.


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