Instagram Highlight Ideas to Engage your Customers

Instagram Highlight Ideas

A way that helps people, organizations and businesses get connected to each other is Instagram by means of live videos, shoppable tags, posting pictures, or IGTV. And Instagram is continuously emerging with innovative techniques to help people communicate with one another, improving the customer experience for several businesses and brands.

And one such widespread feature offered by Instagram is known as Instagram Story Highlights. It pulled excessive attention right from the early announcements and is used by 500+ million accounts on a daily basis.

What Are Instagram Story Highlights?

Instagram Story Highlights, can also be called simply Instagram Highlights, that’s basically a collection of videos, posts and pictures that were posted by you in the past to your Instagram Story.

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours but Instagram Highlights stay forever on the profile of an individual. It is also flexible enough to be edited at any point in time. These highlight albums are placed right beneath the BIO section and above the feeds of your profile.

How to add Highlights on Instagram

In order to share content as Highlights, first, you need to create them. The first and foremost, step is to check Instagram’s auto-archiving feature and ensure that it’s enabled. This feature will proactively save each story to the cloud that you post.

After turning on this feature, you can share and post content that’s already disappeared from Instagram stories.

Follow the steps below to find archived features;

  1. Go to Instagram account settings.
  2. Hit the “Story” button.
  3. Ensure “Save to Archive” button is switched on.

After ensuring, now you need to produce an Instagram Story Highlight! For this, visit your profile and click on “Story Highlights” located underneath your bio and username. Then, hit the Stories that need to be added to highlight. To proceed further, choose a cover picture for Highlight, and a title too. Now click “Add,” or “Done” and you’re good to go!

Most effective ways to use Instagram Story Highlights for business

You can simply embrace all Instagram Stories in Story Highlight, but that will not be tempting to followers, and will definitely not uplift customer interaction. To make this feature more fruitful, you can several highlights that showcase various types of Instagram Stories created by you. Below are seven ideas to be used for engaging customers and followers.

1. Advertise your products

Promoting the services that you offer or the products for that matter using Instagram Story Highlight, is one of the best ways for promoting your brand or business and enhancing customer interaction using. Instagram says, 75% of users visit a website or purchase something, once they look at ads. If a user visits your profile, it is more likely for him/her to click on them and browse the content included in Instagram Highlight rather than scrolling the entire feed in your profile. The highlight could be termed as a comparatively easier and faster method of finding relative information regarding what you are offering. And it can be used to redirect customers to sign-up for a newsletter, or visit your website, or convince a user to purchase something.

2. Promote events

It’s no more hidden that social media is a great medium for building brand awareness and promoting events, particularly because users search for material there. Even though public gatherings is strictly prohibited as per the current global situation, you can still make use of Stories for showing up your past events, advertising upcoming events, and lending a hand in raising awareness. This will give chance to your followers to know you and your business better and also grow curiosity for future ones!

3. Show what‘s in your mind

Letting clients pre-wired is at all times an extremely vital business objective and being transparent by keeping no barrier regarding your business plans is undoubtedly a great way to set Instagram Story Highlight.

Having such kinds of Stories will help your customers and followers—to imagine people at your establishment or fresh initiatives, and together it will help refine your brand.

Some effective ways to achieve this are as follows:

  • Excite viewers by facilitating them with first glance of few of your upcoming products.
  • Post pictures, screenshots or videos captured at the time of meetings.
  • Show where your employees have been working recently.

4. Interactive polls to interact with customers

Making use of ad interactive polls within Instagram Stories allows improved customers engagement, and also provide ways for customer’s collaboration. You can achieve a better understanding of your spectators and understanding of their primary concerns. Nonetheless, you can ask them enjoyable questions, while inviting them to interact with your brand.

Another benefit from Instagram story polls is that you can re-plan the advertising and marketing campaigns more efficiently.

5. Answer your followers’ questions

Another feature to pull your followers’ responsiveness is answers to common questions in an Instagram Story Highlight.

In 2018, Instagram presented the “Questions” sticker, that gives permission to your followers to pose questions regarding your business when you add this in Instagram Story. An exceptional feature called Questions sticker is that you can visit profiles of users who replied; you can post others comments or questions, but details like profiles, usernames or photos will remain private. This permits you to disclose questions asked by users, or their answers for questions that you’ve asked, keeping their profiles hidden.

Mastering this feature is by keeping yourself in customers’ shoes and wondering what you would want to know if you click on business Q&A Highlight. Therefore, in the beginning, you can ask common questions such as new products, business hours, location, etc.

6. Facilitate product tutorials

Building an album explicitly for tutorials and tips regarding product usage or service assistance to build trust and concrete your credibility in your brand. A segment of the album can showcase authentic buyers using your product or provision to exhibit easy product usage.

This Instagram Story Highlight furthermore permits you to demonstrate an in-depth glance at your product functionality or offerings and provide an inside look to customers, giving them a fair idea of what to expect when they (positively) buy something.

7. Flaunt customer testimonials

It’s known to everyone about the significance of disclosing customer feedbacks. Therefore, do not forget to share your organization’s reviews with the rest of the followers, too! When you create a Highlight using testimonials or screenshots of your customers’ journey about product usage, brand, or service and emphasize them on the Instagram account is quite effective to share the stories of your pleased customers. Customer testimonials are appreciated and help to underline the positive points about your service or product.


So, these are the Instagram Highlight story idea that is worth giving a try.  Hope the information provided is helpful for you and grow your business and trying the exclusive story highlight feature on Instagram is a best option one should try.


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