IndMoney: An investment tracker?


IndMoney investment tracker: Investing has always been an essential aspect of an individual’s life. It is a tradition to grow one’s assets with time. It is a norm where people multiply their savings and monetize them for a better future. With the growth of different types of investments, it is also getting difficult to manage all investments together.

As a solution, Ind Money is there to the rescue for all those who are looking at investing in different assets all in one place. 

Investing made easy with Ind Money 

Ind Money:  Ind Money is an all in one investment platform that allows a person to manage their finances all in one place. It provides a straightforward layout for a layman to understand and invest with a hassle-free process. Ind Money uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help individuals figure out different investments such as direct mutual funds, fixed deposits, US Stocks and insurances. 

The investment application is a power-packed source for tracking their financial portfolio and assets. It also consolidates its users’ investments, bank accounts and liabilities and calculates their approximate and accurate net worth. 

Thus, the IndMoney investment tracker is truly an all in one app for its users. It allows a person to track their loans and credit card payments while simultaneously giving a flexible option to its users to even apply for a new loan only if the user’s credit score matches the company’s requirements. 

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Services that IndMoney can track

AI Based investment application

IndMoney being one of the most advanced and AI-Based Investment Applications can help you in tracking your investment decisions on a wide spectrum of services. But are you still confused about what services are covered? Have a look

With the help of IndMoney, one can track
1. Employee Provident Fund 
2. Public Provident Fund 
3. Stocks 
4. Mutual Funds 
5. Credit Card Analysis 
6. Bonds 
7. Fixed Deposits 
8. Real Estate Investments 
9. Loans 
10. Alternative Investment Funds 
11. Track Pensions 
12. Portfolio Management 

Thus, from this spectrum, we can see that IndMoney is becoming the go-to investment application for people.

Benefits of Using IND money

IndMoney Logo

Although we have already talked about various benefits and advantages of using IndMoney, there are various other benefits of using this AI-Based investment application. Some of them are as follows-

Stock Market Tracking and Analysis 

Ind Money provides a unique experience to its users by allowing them to track and analyze the stock market scenario. It enables the users to connect with multiple stock market apps and create automated stock market investment data. A person can look at a company’s PE ratio, profit and valuation analysis all in one place with the help of IND Money. 

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Provides a prolific Mutual Fund Investment Experience 

INDMoney investment tracker allows its users to track, analyze, create and understand their financial goals with their unique artificial intelligence mechanism. They give them an option to track their mutual fund goals with the help of a goal-setting tool. The best thing is that the application also provides an analysis of an individual’s current financial situation, investments, incomes and expenses. It provides them with a safer option to stabilize and achieve their financial goals. 

Robo Advisor Feature 

The Robo Advisor feature provided by IND money helps individuals organize and set up their financial portfolios using artificial intelligence. The Robo advisor also rebalances a person’s mutual fund investments and gives them proper suggestions to meet their financial targets. All the recommendations made by the Robo Advisor are data-driven, which is the best way of growing one’s financial assets. 

Is Ind Money a free platform? 

It is a free application to get started with. All the features are free, but as with all applications, they also provide premium plans known as gold and platinum memberships which start from INR 399 per month/ $6 per month.

They offer their users a stock analysis algorithm with premium plans, which allows them to analyze various financial aspects or factors like momentum, valuation growth, and quality. Moreover, it is an application that provides asset allocation, which is an essential aspect of achieving financial security. 


Investment in the recent era has become a mandate for individuals to prepare and have a secure future. IND money allows a layman to understand and adapt to the investing world quickly and easily. In simple language, it is actually a power-packed solution to understand and review whether the money invested is profitable or not.

Thus, we at Kiwed highly recommended platform if a person wants to start investing or keep their investments all in one place. 

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