How to Write a Facebook About Page


It’s not just about producing compelling news feeds to create an alluring Facebook profile; it’s also about how you present yourself. You can work to create a captivating Facebook About page so that you can tell your company’s story more clearly.

When you properly set up your Facebook About page, you can effectively expose your business to potential clients. With your Facebook About page, you can guide users to your website or answer their most frequently asked questions in one location.

Let’s explore the world that is Facebook and how to write a Facebook About page.

The Content of the Facebook About Page

Nobody wants to work with a company that gives little-to-no information on what they do. You can’t expect clients to come rolling in when you’re reluctant to confidently explain what your business is all about and what strengths you have.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Tell a Story

Tell your audience about the history of your company’s foundation and what makes it unique. Don’t hesitate to claim how you’re different from the competition. This sense of uniqueness will allow for a more intimate business-client relationship.

Various Ways to Reach You

It’s possible to get clients by relying entirely on Facebook, but it’s not ideal. It’s especially true when you consider that Facebook recently reported its first drop in user numbers since the site’s inception. This trend may continue, so you’ll need to provide other options for clients to contact you. 

Include your telephone number, WhatsApp, email, and others. Tell people about your other social media accounts, whether Facebook is your preferred platform, etc. The more options users have, the better. You can also include links to your business’s website where visitors can learn more about what makes you tick.

Tell People What You Sell or Do

The most critical part is clearly stating what product or service you offer. Even though it appears to be straightforward, many people nevertheless make mistakes.

You might be able to produce a neat description of your business. However, even if that is the case, consumers may still be confused about what your company is doing.

Try to sum up your services or products–or at least some instances of them–in a few concise sentences. You may also include links to certain products or services on your website to help customers better understand your offerings.

Use Important Keywords

Including frequent keywords on your About page may be beneficial from an SEO standpoint. While you can do a lot with keywords, it’s important not to go too crazy.

The most important part is only to include proper keywords. If your organization currently has a website and a blog, you’re probably already aware of which keywords are appropriate for your company. Otherwise, make a list of potential keywords, then complete a process of elimination. Remember that your About page text should be quite brief, so too many unnecessary keywords could damage it.

Regulate Your Community

Maintaining a welcoming online environment is one approach to attracting and retaining clients. Even if you’re the only one who can post on your page, it’s good to make the community’s communication rules clear, especially for newcomers. If necessary, create a warning saying you’ll ban or mute trolls, spammers, and toxic people. Don’t be afraid to enforce this rule when it’s applicable.

You can also tell people how to reach you more reliably, assuming Facebook isn’t your main method of communicating with customers. For example, you may state that WhatsApp is your primary mode of communication. Alternatively, you might rather have clients contact your company’s representatives via your website.

This clarity will come in handy down the road so that potential clients know why they’ve been blocklisted or why you’re not responding to their questions.

What to Fill in Each of Your About Page Tabs

fb edit page info

There are generally five tabs inside the About page for business pages from which you can explain what your business is; General, Contact, Location, Hours, and More. Open your About page and click on “Edit Page Info” to access them.


You can change your username, which corresponds to your custom Facebook URL, and your company’s description in the General tab.

You only have 255 characters to work within the description, so make every word count. A decent description will help your business be found on Facebook more frequently. If you’re still stumped as to what to put in there, here’s some suggestions:

  • Give a short description of your company: You can provide a detailed story about your company, such as who created it, when and where it was founded, and what sets it apart from competitors. Keep in mind the character limit, so you have to stick with the most relevant info.
  • Provide a brief description of your products and services: Writing a shorter description that mainly focuses on the products and services may make more sense for some businesses than writing a long company history. For example, if your business focuses on baking and selling cakes, you might include a brief description of how your cakes are unique and that no one else provides the same taste.

You can also use your description to include clickable links, so please include your website’s URL. You don’t have to, though, because there’s a specific tab in the About page where you can put up links; Contact.


Ensure the Contact tab contains all of the relevant links and phone numbers for customers to contact you. Remember to provide only your business phone numbers, email address, and website, not your personal ones.

You can also link your Facebook page to your WhatsApp Business account. Here’s how:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app on your phone
  2. Tap More options on Android. On an iPhone, go to Settings
  3. Select Business Tools Facebook & Instagram
  4. Continue by tapping Facebook > CONTINUE. It will take you to the Facebook login screen
  5. Fill in your Facebook account’s login information. Login by pressing the Log In button
  6. Choose the Facebook Page you’d want to link to your WhatsApp Business account. Connect WhatsApp by tapping the Connect WhatsApp button

Once connected, you’ll now notice a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page. Customers who visit your Facebook Page can message you straight on WhatsApp with only one click after you link your WhatsApp Business account.


You can enter your street address, city, and ZIP code using the Location tab. You can utilize the map location function to pinpoint your exact location. Don’t forget to select your service areas on the “Service Area” input at the bottom of the Location tab if your business only serves certain locations. You can set your service area by selecting up to ten neighborhoods, cities, or regions.

It’s crucial to include them appropriately and precisely if you have an offline location for your organization. Not only can your customers physically reach you if they happen to be in the neighborhood, but it’ll also improve your credibility as a legitimate business. That said, you shouldn’t worry about this if you intend to do your business purely online, making it nonsensical for customers to visit your office physically.


The Hours tab is a great way to let your customers know when you’ll be able to offer products or services and answer their inquiries. You have four options to choose from; No hours available, Always Open, Permanently closed, and Open on selected hours.

For most businesses, it’s recommended to choose “Open on selected hours” so that you can input your own hours. Specifying your business hours will help you appear on search results when your location is open. It’s possible to select “No hours available.” Yet this option won’t be practical from a business standpoint unless your page is mostly community-driven, where you don’t rely on delivering products or services.

Under the Temporary Service Changes section, you can specify temporary open hours changes that you’d expect to go back to normal at some point. You can skip this section if nothing has changed.


The More tab contains extra, but no less crucial, information about your business. If you’ve written a privacy policy on your website, you may link it here. 

“Impressum” is an optional field that you can use to express a statement of ownership for your website. Unless you live in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, you can disregard it.

The Products box allows you to list tyour company’s products or services

You can use the Additional information field to write a long and detailed description of topics related to your business. For example, similar to what we mentioned previously, you can write a community guideline stating you’ll not tolerate abusive, vulgar, fraudulent, and spammy posts to ensure a positive environment around your page.

social media policy
Example of a community guideline by Intrepid Travel

Final Words

It’s not easy to write a good Facebook About page, and you may need to make several adjustments along the way. You can always research how established companies write their About page to ease your struggle. Observing how your competitors do it may also provide you with some ideas.

It makes little difference what industry you work in. If you execute everything correctly, you will still gain business from a decent About page.


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