How to Promote an Ecommerce Store on Instagram


Human beings are social beings, and with social media, it’s now easier to stay connected 24/7. For startups or seasoned businesses looking to grow and boost revenue, Instagram is a platform you can’t afford to miss. On Instagram, you can share timely content about your business, connect with customers, and even show off why you are the best store for your clients.

If you are wondering how to promote your eCommerce store on Instagram, read on to learn what pro marketers do every day.

1. Engage Your Followers With Useful Content

Instagram is full of personal and corporate accounts that churn out content their followers love. A problem with this trend is that followers tire of the tedious uniformity when all stores produce similar content. To attract your audience, consider leveraging customer tastes and preferences to develop valuable and relevant content.

For example, if your eCommerce store sells shoes to customers, try thinking beyond showing different shoe brands. Try posting blog content on issues related to feet and shoe care that your audience won’t get anywhere else. You can tell customers how to clean their shoes to avoid smelly feet, how to choose the best fits, and the best types of heels for walks or workdays. Customers appreciate a store that gives them valuable everyday content, and their loyalty usually translates to purchases.

Some useful tips to remember when sharing helpful content with your audience includes:

  • Stay on Topic: Only share what your customers expect from you. A shoe company shouldn’t be sharing political quotes
  • Break Down Content into Lists: In every post, use lists and summaries to avoid overwhelming audiences. Include links to lengthier posts for the most enthusiastic readers
  • Be Visual: Find great photos or snaps to get your message out there faster. It’s always better to show than tell

2. Attract Your Audience with Quality Aesthetics

Instagram is, first and foremost, designed to accommodate pictures and videos. When you consider promoting your eCommerce store on the platform, take advantage of photos as your best assets. When it comes to Instagram, the number of sales or engagements you receive corresponds to the quality of images. The best images show your products or services, how to use them, and the benefits to customers.

Hire a Professional

Most brands hire a professional photographer to take their promotional images. These images are expertly taken, edited, and to audiences, very attractive.

Use Your Mobile Phone

Alternatively, you can take some great photos with your smartphone and post them on your social media. You can use many tools to edit images to maximize their attractiveness.

Post User-Generated Content (Pictures by Customers)

The best marketing tool for most successful businesses is user-generated content, especially from actual customers. When customers take pictures and share them, repost them on your Instagram to show your audience that others love them. These images work best since people love to try things they know their friends and family use too.

3. Post Whatever, But Don’t Forget the Caption & Hashtag

Instagram users scroll through their feeds like crazy and only stop when posts grab their attention. While you might have a good photo or list your audience might love, you hook them with a great caption. A good caption can accompany anything you post, making it a desirable experience for your Instagram followers. The ‘AIDA formula’ is used to develop the perfect caption.

When writing your caption, you should always aim to attract Attention, gain Interest, spur Desire, and incite Action. If you post a picture, this might grab a customer’s attention, so it’s up to your caption to fulfill the formula’s goals. You gain customer interest by listing the most outstanding features of the product and create desire by hinting at its benefits. Use a link to your landing page to inspire action, where customers can purchase or see the product up close.

Besides captions, don’t forget your hashtags, or for us oldies, the pound sign, #. A hashtag increases engagement with a post, so try to have several that are both specific and product-related. Since followers match with content related to their searches, hashtags make it possible for them to reach your site. Try out professional tools or look at what your rivals are doing to explore the best hashtags.

4. Make Shopping Easier to Avoid Losing Impulse Buyers

You have done everything right to get the customer to look at your product posting on Instagram. They are impressed by the pictures, the features of the product and now want to buy it. But when they need to purchase the product, they can’t find a link to your site. They have to go back to your bio again to find a link or your business name. If a customer has to work hard to buy from you, there’s a risk you’ll lose them.

To make your posts more shoppable, add links to your eCommerce store or product on the post. Making a shoppable post on Instagram is as easy as tagging your product in the photo. People can click on the tag and check out the prices, go to your website, and finally, make a purchase. Tools like Shopify or BigCommerce help clients make purchases right from Instagram posts.

When using Instagram, find out the tools that work for your posts to ensure that you don’t lose clients. Most customers shop on impulse, and if they can’t get what they need fast, they might consider other alternatives.

5. Team Up with an Influencer to Highlight Your Celebrity Connections

The age of social media made some creative innovators famous, and marketers can tap into their fame. You can promote your products on Instagram and other sites by asking them to post pictures or videos with your products. Depending on your level of engagement, an influencer can create content that markets your eCommerce product to their followers.

For instance, if you are selling t-shirts, teaming up with a sports influencer can be a smart move. If they take a picture or video while wearing your product, audiences might be intrigued. Once they post a link to your site or platform with their posts, you’ll get the traffic you can transform into sales.

How to Choose the Best Influencer for Your eCommerce Product

Don’t team up with the first influencer you know. Some influencers can hurt your brand or fail to deliver their promises to you. To choose the best influencer for your eCommerce product:

  • Consult a Marketing Guru: Marketing pros know many influencers and can connect you with one that matches your brand for a fee
  • Use Analytic Tools to Evaluate: Some influencers can oversell their reach, but an analytics tool will tell you the truth about their engagement. Don’t settle for a follower’s numbers; engagement matters more when selling on Instagram
  • Have Terms that Work For You: Some influencers need upfront payment but fail to deliver on their promises. Only partner with those who can tag your Instagram handle and keep the post up long after your contract is completed

6. Go Live to Show You are Confident in Your eCommerce Products

Customers know that photos can be doctored to make a product look better than reality. Cut through the ‘Is this real’ noise by going live with your Instagram feed. Instagram Live is a great way to connect with customers, show off your product, and promote it in real-time.

Going live is the perfect opportunity to win over customers that might have doubts. But, when you go live, make sure you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Be Professional: When you post pre-recorded content, you can edit any mistakes. But when you are live, mistakes are aired and can go viral in a split second. Prepare before turning your cameras on to avoid turning your promotion into a viral meme
  • Stay Relevant: While live, stay on topic and focus on your product and its connections to customers. Don’t promote an educational product from a stadium game. This might indicate that you don’t believe in your product or that you are not taking the promotion seriously
  • Check the Comments Section: As you talk about your product on air, keep in touch with customers in the chat section. As audiences react to your broadcast, show them that you value their input. Send them shout-outs, answer their questions, and even bring them in on the call.

Being live can help you build a community around your product in ways that regular posting might not.

Instagram is Good for Marketing Your eCommerce Store

Instagram is popular with billions of users, and for an eCommerce store, it can be the key to success. While Instagram adverts are typical, customers zoom past them when they consider them irritating and invasive. To gain benefits without antagonizing your Instagram followers, think outside the box. Still, like with everything else, don’t punch above your weight.

Start with what you know, and adopt different techniques as you go. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your customers by doing everything at once. Monitor the change and once you discover what works for your Instagram strategy, chart your growth forward.


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