Gusto Software Review 2022


You may use Gusto to manage the most basic to the most complicated payroll operations. This can be used for both workers and independent contractors. Onboarding new staff is simplified and mistakes are avoided by using this tool. It is the payroll management tool you want at your side to make sure everything goes according to plan.

What is Gusto?

Gusto can help you build and nurture your team. whether you’re just starting or expanding your fast-growing firm. In addition to payroll and benefits, Gusto helps to provides current HR tools. This includes hiring and management resources in one location. Gusto is happy to provide a single trusted system that includes competitive pay tools as well as professional assistance. This enables you to empower your workforce. Because your company’s success is directly tied to the success of your employees.

Advantages of Gusto:

  • When it comes to managing payroll, a full service strategy like Gusto’s is the best way to go. Because it gives you all the tools you need while also automating the process. Additionally, it aids in the management of employee payments, HR responsibilities, employee benefits, and minimizing inaccurate tax filings.
  • It is simple to use Gusto to help you, onboard new workers. It helps in benefits plan tailored to your company’s needs. Gusto will transfer your existing benefits plan if you have one. Gusto will automatically deduct from your payroll once all of your employees are on board.
  • Gusto’s time monitoring tools are useful if you use remote or hourly workers. Its tools for tracking employee time ensure that all hours worked are accurately recorded. And accounted for in the company’s financial reports. To make task costing easier, consider using Gusto’s accounting interfaces with products like Xero or Quickbooks.
  • A lot of the tools you’re already using to run your business are compatible with Gusto.
  • Once you’ve been accepted into Gusto’s system, they won’t abandon you. No matter the package you select, you’ll have access to a team of experts. That are ready and waiting to assist you with any issues you may run into.
  • Even if you don’t have a large staff, payroll management may be a heavy burden. Automation is used for some of Gusto Payroll’s more robust features. This includes reminders if a milestone is approaching or anything remains to be improved. ‘

Disadvantages of Gusto:

  • Working with hourly field laborers or remote teams, geo-tracking may be a lifesaver. Gusto’s geo-tracking feature may not be enough if that’s the case for you, but if that’s the case, you may need to look at other options.
  • Despite the wide range of capabilities of Gusto, there is no mobile app for payroll and personnel administration. If this is the case, I hope it will be soon.
  • There are no foreign features in Gusto Professionals.
  • Gusto has a wide range of connectors for time management, payroll, accounting, and other business processes. Gusto users, on the other hand, have connected the software with Office365. In other words, Gusto’s integration capabilities are limited. For optimal compatibility with your current systems, double-check the Gusto integration features.

Gusto pricing:

Gusto charges a set monthly fee depending on how many features you wish to include in your Gusto experience. After that, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge for each employee. Gusto’s capabilities are still cheap for small and developing businesses even though it is not a payroll service that competes on pricing as others could.


It’s a reliable payroll administration system. It provides more than simply the essentials at a reasonable price. It’s also easy to use. It streamlines a large number of repetitive activities associated with the employee benefit, human resource, and payment management requirements of any firm. Although it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, just like every other payroll solution available, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in a variety of ways.

Gusto is great and suitable for small firms. It is also suitable for those who lack the time to create and worry over payroll and other significant administrative concerns. However, for firms with a large number of employees or significantly larger operations, Gusto may not be powerful enough to meet their demands and complexity.


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