Employee Navigator Software Reviews

Employee Navigator is software that provides

cloud-based, all-in-one benefits administration and HR management solution for all kinds of businesses. Employee Navigator enables HR departments to offer complete benefit packages and streamline benefit administration operations by collaborating with insurance brokers and carriers.

There is not a configuration that this software can’t handle. As one of the major software solutions in this field, it has already established connections with a huge number of insurance organizations. It feeds data in real-time and keeps track of changes. Other vendors, brokers, employers, and employees are all included in portals. This makes it simple to maintain effective communication.


Employee onboarding, PTO and asset monitoring, and payroll integration are all important elements.

Because the system is self-service, therefore, places first-class technology in the hands of brokers and employers.

Benefits Administration

HR team members with the assistance of an online dashboard can simply manage and track benefits for all employees.

The HR department keeps track of enrollment, manages benefit contributions, checks important paperwork, and compares and enrolls in benefit packages.

In other words, Employee Navigator can handle and manage medical, vision, dental, voluntary life, and retirement benefits for employees. Employees can use this self-service site to manage a personalized profile and HR activities, as well as access and change all benefit information.


Integrations across HRIS systems can result in real-time cost savings, and Employee Navigator is at the forefront of the trend, partnering with carriers and payroll providers to make HR managers’ jobs easier. Firms that integrate carrier and/or payroll save an average of 21 hours each month!

It can be distressing whenever an employee changes his address or a qualifying life event occurs, at that point, you should set up an integration. Simple improvements like this necessitate plenty of updates throughout the board. Integrations reduce enrollment inconsistencies by eliminating manual processing of benefits enrollment and demographic changes. Therefore, When payroll data and benefits administration will be in two different systems, payroll API sync minimizes the need for HR administrators to do double entry.

Integrated Payroll

To provide the clients with an all-in-one solution Employee Navigator integrates well with top payroll firms. The client information automatically syncs with the payroll system.

Packages and Price

The pricing of software follows a relatively basic structure. They offer four main packages i.e Enhance, Enhanced Plus, Elite, and Platinum.

  • Enhance

The most affordable plan is Enhance with the price of $4,450 per year. The financial assistance is computed separately – $500 each year.

Similarly, This plan offers access to marketplace partners, decision support, defined contribution, basic enrollment, benefits communication, and an ACA dashboard.

  • Enhance Plus

This plan costs $5,450 per year. It includes everything from Enhance plan as well as third-party apps, and (self-service) EDI.

  • Elite

This is an advanced plan which includes Enhance plus and also, time-off and compliance tracking, plans & life event triggers, recurring task management, and costs $7,550 annually.

  • Platinum

The price of this package is $21000 per annum. Similarly, This one provides Elite, $0 PEPM for 834 EDI, and priority phone support.

Pros of Employee Navigator

  • Insurance brokers, HR departments, and careers that wish to improve their business might benefit from Employee Navigator software. Employee Navigator has a lot of advantages, the most important of which is that it is incredibly thorough and convenient.
  • Employee Navigator also includes document management and storage.

This kind of assistance is necessary, especially if you require to manage a large number of documents at once. It is unquestionably useful, and also, it becomes increasingly more so as time goes on.

  • It has the flexibility to schedule automatic reminders for new hires and open enrollment.
  • It provides the opportunity to create notifications for various actions in the system, both for the broker and the client’s HR team.
  • Also It’s a handy site because you rarely require a password change
  • It is semi-easy to use once you get to know this.

Cons of Employee Navigator

  • It does not offer a free trial.
  • There is no mechanism to include new employees in open enrollment without having them enroll again. The reporting mechanism might need improvement.
  • Because it is a “rules”-based system, it cannot do all of the duties we require.
  • You can get some of the optional features, such as onboarding and PTO, from other high-end alternatives at a reasonable price.


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