Does Swivl really helps in Automating the Customer Relations?


Swivl: Customer Interactions have been an important part of business operations. Additionally, it has been one of the many business’s main goals to improve customer support. Whenever a customer interacts with any company or software, such as through email or caller support lines, a ticket is created. This ticket helps the team remember what happened during the interaction so they can be prepared to serve the customer better in the future. It helps address customer issues and keeps things steaming along with the organization by handling any problems that arise.

Now that organizations have started to incorporate big data with artificial intelligence, the software can be used to enhance business operations. One such Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tool is Swivl.

In this article, we will be discussing what makes Swivl one of the best software applications for business. Here you’ll find a comprehensive overview of everything that makes Swivl such a valuable enterprise application. 

What exactly is Swivl? 


Swivl is the only Assistant AI self-storage that provides 24 / 7 customer support for a fair price. It uses its Data Management Platform, Human Annonators, and robust Data enabling tools to save developers time and effort. The Natural Language Library in the company’s software lets human annotators manage what questions need automated answers. For such reasons, Swivl acts as an effective first line of defence to prevent them from draining customers’ time and energy!

Swivl is an automating platform that helps users to enhance their customer experience and at the same time stay updated. It provides a Virtual Assistant related to the industry of self-storage, designed by using Machine Learning technology. The combination of the two technologies helps the users to know more about the daily workflows. Furthermore, it also helps them in keeping ahead of what the future holds for them.

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Advantages of Swivl

A cloud-based service that automates the customer experience and allows business owners to engage with customers over time is a first-mover player in the market and provides a sneak preview of the next generation of business automation.  Swivl applies the power of advanced speech recognition, live agents, semantic search, visual analytics, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize contact centre software, with hundreds of clients using it to automate their workflows; and helps in improving customer engagement as well!

In addition to these features,   the platform has a variety of engagement insights that help your organization improve its tenant experience by allowing you to identify the client’s needs over time. The system’s adaptive and artificial intelligence capabilities allow it to identify different behavioral patterns. Along with that, it also helps your company deliver targeted messages tailored precisely for every individual.

With the various advantages, Swivl has successfully interacted with over 250,000 automated conversations across industries. This has not only led to effective customer interactions but also led to an 18% increase in lead conversations. 

But has the automation of the software been able to attract the people looking for actual human connection? 

Definitely, although the core of this software is to automate and enhance customer support, Swivl has also incorporated the live human chats to escalate the high-value requests to agents for focused support ensuring a positive conversation. 

Their Unique Selling Proposition 

Companies love to lead and be at the front of innovation and that’s the beauty of a company like Swivl.

They are leaders in product data analytics and they offer a few key advantages for companies looking to take advantage of their versatility. One main part of their platform is it’s the ability for companies to retain ownership when it comes down to data processing and personalization over time.

The AI Assistant gets smarter with every conversation it has with your customer. Furthermore, it optimizes the services based on the unique challenges for the company.

This allows individuals within your company to add more value for customers over time naturally. This also leads to more awareness of the challenges faced by the customers.

The system has been built upon sound insights derived by studying how people in previous industries have interacted with machines. This has enabled continuous learning based on everyday user interactions.


Swivl is exceptional software that has been helping companies of all sizes streamline the process of their customer relations; something that in itself is no easy task.

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