Calendly Review

Calendly Review:

I am sharing reviews about Calendly software. It is offering mind blowing features. A company calling Calendly, that was founding in Atlanta to develop appointment scheduling software calling Calendly. Customers are scheduling unlimited 1:1 meetings with Calendly’s free plan. They are Paying plans offer services such as multiple invitee meetings, personalize appointment pages, and more robust integrations than free plans.

In other words, it is including Follow-up workflows and appointment reminders in the Pro plan. Calendly’s enterprise subscription, which launch in 2021, includes more advanced security features and live business support. It only takes a few minutes to choose your availability and share the link with clients, coworkers, and others.

 They can choose a time for the event, which will appear on your calendar immediately. It simplifies the process of setting up, utilizing, and managing appointments and other tasks by being more efficient and straightforward than traditional appointment scheduling software.

Advantages of Calendar:

With Calendly, you can sync Google, Office 365, and Outlook calendars and prevent double bookings by checking for conflicts. New events are also automatically added. Easy navigation and a modern interface provide a pleasant experience, making the program enjoyable to use. You can send automatic reminders and confirmations to invitees to ensure optimal retention.

The app is also perfectly suiting for PCs, smartphones, and tablets, so invitees will not encounter any problems using it. Further privacy and control are ensuring with the ability to avoid last-minute meetings, to set buffer intervals between meetings, and to create hidden event types. The availability of the team is displayed on a single page for maximum convenience.

It’s very convenient for webinars, tours, workshops, and classes, where users can invite many people at the same time. Participants can also add meetings to their own calendars without signing up or registering. Premium users can also get quick email assistance during working hours.

Features of Calendly:

  • Accessible APIs that are free of charge.
  • An interface that is simple, attractive, and modern.
  • Integrating with the calendar.
  • The gadgets have all been optimize.
  • Notifications can be customized or automatically sent.
  • Enhancements to controls and privacy.
  • Scheduling based on groups.
  • Activities for groups.
  • Calendar integration for invitees.
  • It allows websites to be embedded.
  • Statistical reporting and metrics.
  • APIs and webhooks.

Calendly’s most basic plan is as follows:

In addition to being the most affordable of the three pricing tiers, Calendly Basic is also the only one that is absolutely no cost (though you can try a Premium or Pro account for no charge for 14 days). Unlike the free plan, the free plan only offers the most basic functionality. One calendar can be connecting per user, and only one type of event can be created.

Calendly’s Premium package includes:

The Premium plan at Calendly is a mid-priced option, costing $8 a month per user for an annual payment plan – or $10 a month for monthly billing. The Premium plan allows you to create an unlimited number of event categories if you were concerned about the lack of variety in the free plan. That alone may be enough to justify the cost.


  • Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Intercom all integrate with each other.
  • You can embed or add widgets to your website
  • Automatic notifications are sent out for new meetings and cancellations.
  • A personalized schedule can be accessed through this link


  • Payment apps such as Zapier, Salesforce, and also, others are not integrated.
  • The website add-on option, invitations, or reminders/notifications cannot be customized.
  • Similarly, It is not possible to arrange events with multiple participants or groups using the “pooled availability” feature.
  • tThis is offering Reporting capabilities and Google Analytics integration are not available.

Calendly: Why Should You Use It?

Essentially, Calendly does what other or most of your resources cannot. Similarly, It eliminates the need to continuously email clients and prospects. Schedule appointments are setting by using Calendly instead. It’s a convenient online appointment scheduler.

 Therefore, It is incredibly easy to use; all your client has to do is click the link to your Calendly calendar. You can display all the times and dates on which you will be available on that page. Likewise, Once they choose one, they write down all the details, and then Calendly delivers the information directly to your calendar and clients.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, this is just what you need when time is critical. For students and recent graduates who are tech-savvy, this app may be of interest to you.

 If you stop sending emails frequently, you’ll save time and effort, as well as money, and feel more secure also. Since the technology is working so useful, make sure to check in with your staff to see if they are using it. I hope I have covered all the points in this article.


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