Boosting Employee Productivity with Spekit


Since the beginning of Pandemic, it is evident that everything has shifted to remote work. It came as a massive shift for people to transition to remote work. And with it providing virtual training to the employees virtually became a hectic and time-consuming task. At that time, Spekit came as a rescue for these businesses. 

To introduce Spekit is a type of learning software providing a platform that acts as a self-learning tool and training for the employee. Spekit worked tremendously as a source that helped employees enhance their knowledge about the company software and also helped in boosting sales enhancements. 

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About Spekit 


Started in 2018, Spekit is an integration and learning platform that offers digital training and sales enhancements to different types of businesses. The biggest problem that Spekit solves for its customers is via providing a digital training platform. The digital training platform is adjustable according to different business standards. Over and above, businesses can create their own learning packs and assign subject-matter experts to help their employees implement easy access. Additionally, one of the main visions is to boost employee productivity.

Spekit provides a range of flexible services with their service provider and software that can be managed and customized for any particular business, big or small. It also offers Salesforce integration to implement efficient team training. Even medium and small enterprises can use Spekit to train their employees. Furthermore, it enhances sales with Spekits flexible data integration software.  

Features of Spekit

Spekit is upgrading continuously to provide better software facilitation to its customers and has added a lot of varied and knowledgeable features. These features help the employees access a lot of scholarly data and connect on vast platforms with the help of Spekit. Some of the significant features that they offer are as follows: 

1. Integration of Spekit

The software provides a smooth integration via which employees can club various platforms like chrome extension, salesforce etc. They can have an all in one platform where all their training material and learning section is streamlined in order to have a perfect learning and training experience.

2. Learning Packs in Spekit

Speakit gives the businesses their own flexibility and choice to create their own learning and training packs. The learning packs can be customized according to their employee training needs. They can be clubbed with various tools such as Salesforce, Slack, and other necessary business tools. In addition, this feature is a beneficial tool for businesses. It helps them eliminate the hectic process of wasting energy on employee training. 

3. Ease of Access 

The interface of the Spekit Software is easy for any other person to understand and can be modified to an extent according to the employee’s needs. The best advantage of this software is that it creates a centralized portal for the employees so that one can access all the portals without any hassles.

4. Onboarding Support 

Spekit has phenomenally provided great onboarding and offloading support to many businesses that have started working with them in 2020. Additionally, this helps save a lot of time when a company knows that the software has already taken care of the employee training and material, enabling the employees to self learn. Thus, it really is a time-saving software.

5. Collaboration 

The software provides a feature of collaboration where employees can arrange their needed software and collaborate with them in order to meet deadlines. The employees can also create training schedules while working collaboratively via slack and other Microsoft platforms.

6. Document Management 

We all can agree that it is indeed very difficult to manage documents and it gets messy at times. Spekit allows businesses to arrange and manage their documents in an easy way while linking and providing vast storage options for their customers. The document management system has allowed a lot of businesses to arrange their documents with ease and without any stress. 

7. Security 

Additionally, there is no doubt that Spekit does provide a trustable and reliable secured portal through which employees can boost sales and train themselves. Businesses can work with the due assurance of security and network workability.

8. Self-Service Tool: Spekit

Spekit allows the employees and businesses to embrace self-service and self-learning tactics. This helps in boosting sales and enhancement and integrating virtual learning without any problems. Thus, Spekit is a self-serving tool.


In today’s world, where remote work has become a new trend, Spekit does come as a rescue for businesses. to save time and labour while also creating a self-learning and training ritual for their employees. Thus, we at, Kiwed, highly recommend using Spekit to boost your employee productivity.

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