Best Website Builder For Small Business 2022

best small business website builders

Are you searching for the best website builder for small businesses but not sure which one to opt for?

It is important for minor businesses to own websites. By means of social media, only engagement with potential customers cannot be achieved for marketing and promotion. Furthermore, your consumers must see your webpage to have additional trust in your brand.

Constructing a solid webpage with outstanding design could be impractical for several owners of small businesses.

However now, it is imaginable to discover a web application to turn things easier such that a single individual can generate a website without programmers or designers. This is a reason that generates webpage builders a flawless choice for small trades that are budgeted tightly.

Here are a few additional reasons why a builder software for a website is crucial:

  • They’re the best choice when operating on low financial plans, with fewer skills and limited time.
  • You can produce web pages having better design easily and quickly.
  • They permit you to protect money and devote it to mounting your business in place of paying authorities.

Before we hang out on the list, let us clear the clouds by finishing common questions. Below are some builders included that also have free versions.

8 Best Website Builder For Small Business

1: Wix


  • Scores extra website builders having ease of use.
  • Highly instinctual drag-and-drop builders
  • Self-explanatory: wherein technicalities and coding
  • An extensive variety of design templates and options, even having a free version
  • Add-ons obtainable like Wix from builders


  • E-commerce possibilities are somewhat expensive.
  • Free websites come with annoying and long URLs (i.e.,
  • Backend navigation and mobile version could be improved.
  • Comparatively sluggish loading speed

2: WebsiteSimple

Having, build a webpage, engage with the audience, and grow business being online from a place. Not just websites but even eCommerce, subscriptions and funnels on the basis of features are accessible.


  • Hurl idea with a sleek demonstration
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fair Estimating
  • Clean-looking code that functions really quick.


  • Not many options for customization for large businesses

3: Squarespace

Squarespace is amongst the best builders for websites for owners of small business. It assists individuals ranging from entrepreneurs to artists in creating stylish web pages.

The majority of users will settle that among main website builders, Squarespace is a highly aesthetically pretty one. It’s even very stress-free to implement.


  • Elegant and Modern templates
  • Flawless for visual and photographer’s artists
  • Feature like Drag and drop an assortment of design selections
  • Platform to handle e-commerce, blogs, domain hosting, and so on
  • SEO tools
  • Domain transfer


  • Requires the business plan to get hold of influential features such as custom code. Custom codes could be added being an essential part to add rudiments such as event countdown timers.
  • Do not have a multi-language method from out of the box
  • There’re lesser apps and add-ons than alike tools
  • Its e-commerce is not competent enough in comparison to tools that offer plugins and additional features.

4: Weebly

Formerly Square E-commerce was named Weebly, which is a platform for a website builder to support small businesses. Though not as cutting-edge as Shopify, Weebly is inexpensive and thus it becomes easy for starters to construct a website from scratch.


  • Can be set up easily
  • Provides plenty of building blocks
  • A large variety of templates obtainable
  • There’s a free plan.
  • The aptitude to alter a template devoid of having to upload content again


  • The drag and drop feature facilitates ease but there is no choice for moving stuff to an accurate position on the website as provided by Wix.
  • The editor does not permit moving free elements.
  • Incomplete SEO competences

5: Shopify

If online store builders are what you are looking for, you may notice that Shopify is the extremely most prevalent one.

It was shown by stats of Shopify with 1.7M suppliers by making use of Shopify to trade online, it’s one of the leading e-commerce stages.

Since the platform has a shrill emphasis on vending online, it becomes an extra advanced feature of e-commerce than the majority of other builders of websites. Shopify is perfect for trivial to medium capacity businesses.

If you’re simply beginning your business, you must try other website builders that offer unpaid or cheaper subscriptions.


  • There’s a wide variety of Shopify Apps in the Shopify App Store, in dissimilar groupings as email sales or marketing.
  • Shield every feature and extra that’s required for small businesses.
  • Outstanding for drop shipping
  • Delivers SSL so that you do not need to be concerned about the security of the website


  • It could be expensive for highly small businesses, but if the store is mounting and requires more features, Shopify is best.
  • Few themes
  • If you’re seeking heavy customizations, then Shopify is not the right choice. Freeware platforms such as would be superior. Though, it necessitates designing skills and coding.

6: BigCommerce

Upcoming on the list is BigCommerce. Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce also emphasises e-commerce. This podium authorizes owners of small businesses and merchants to shape websites without coding.


  • BigCommerce does not alter transaction fees to make use of third-party gateways of payment.
  • Capability to trade in dissimilar currencies
  • The platform offers wide-ranging features in entrance-level item adoption
  • It can assimilate with several marketplace platforms


  • The standard price does not comprise uninhibited cart functionality. Study shows that nearly 70 out of 100 potential consumers leave items in their cart without buying.
  • Limited editing and design capabilities.
  • It entails a few seconds to load the content of the page.

7: Duda

Duda is a web design stage having a client management application for managing and building webpages at scale.


  • Extraordinary customer support
  • Duda does not charge an additional commission fee.
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Cost-efficient: offers cheaper value in comparison to the market, hence making it admirable for small companies


  • Tools such as Webflow and Wix offer an additional widespread set of design panels.
  • Duda’s competencies in designing web pages for mobile require enhancement. It’s not receptive

8: WordPress is frequently disordered with The main modification between the two is hosting. Having, you host a website, although comprises hosting and starting a website becomes easier. is a website constructing platform in addition to CMS (content management software.) It provides you a simpler method to fashion forums, websites, resumes, membership sites, blogs, portfolios, and so on.


  • Comprises built-in tools for CMS along with smart tags
  • Drag and drop feature and spontaneous design abilities
  • Offers free subscription
  • A large number of plugins and themes to assist you to organize any sort of webpage without any programming knowledge


  • Possible plugin encounters
  • WordPress is truly customizable, it’s even very fragile. You can really mess up a website if you are not well versed.
  • A sharp learning arc, but things can always be kept as drafts and later published before completion
  • Plugin versions at times do not support a version of WordPress
  • A free version cannot install plugins except if they upgrade but accumulating custom code is repeatedly not counted in free webpage builder versions.


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