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Known for its staffing software, this well-known brand focuses on the entire recruiting cycle, from finding passive candidates to onboarding them. Furthermore, Bullhorn includes additional features for staffing companies’ operations personnel. Invoicing and expense tracking are included in this feature set as well.

How does it work?

The CRM software and ATS of Bullhorn are integrated. The following are some of the most popular features according to Bullhorn reviews. Outlook and Gmail can be synchronized with the software. Bullhorn users can track customer and candidate activity from the Bullhorn dashboard by using this feature. Users can also access CRM records with a single click. SMS messaging is another feature that appears to be popular among users of the platform.

 Although SMS messaging is an add-on, many Bullhorn users consider it to be a standout feature. You can send messages directly through Bullhorn or TextUs to clients and job applicants. It has been said that the SMS service offered by Bullhorn is very effective based on numerous user testimonials. There are other options, but TextUs’ extensive features and seamless integration with Bullhorn make it the clear favorite. Bullhorn Pulse was another feature that was well-received by Bullhorn users.

Candidate profiles contain all correspondence, including email and phone conversations. Because of this, users can better understand their interactions with brands, allowing them to see what they need to do as soon as possible. These factors all contribute to the establishment of long-term relationships between candidates.


The main features of Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system are as follows:

  • With this functionality, candidate data collection on the web is made faster.
  • By parsing resumes and applications, pre-populated fields in applicant records can be generated.
  • With the “Fast Find” feature and Boolean and other advanced search features, candidates can be found quickly.
  • Integration of Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
  • Integration of LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Analytical and reporting tools that can be customized as well as standard ones
  • Being able to use a phone or tablet on the go
  • Email activity on a candidate will automatically be logged in the candidate’s database.

Is Bullhorn based on

Talent Rover, formerly known as Bullhorn for Salesforce, is built on Salesforce. It has been claimed that Bullhorn’s ATS and CRM software is on par with the best tools available on the market for hiring and staffing. Let’s now take a look at the elements that make the hiring process easier. The most obvious feature is the search engine built into Bullhorn for Salesforce. Users can quickly identify potential candidates by entering Boolean search strings.

The well-organized profiles of candidates make it easy for recruiters to access information, interact, and handle resumes. We’ll talk about Quick Submit in this Bullhorn review, which lets recruiters submit prospects for available positions in one click. The platform includes client and candidate portals, as well as features for managing time and calendars.

Is Bullhorn Software Easy to Use?

Bullhorn’s recruiting program is user-friendly, so most users get the hang of it very quickly. By clicking the binoculars button, you can quickly see a candidate’s background without having to open a new tab. The vendor strives to reduce the number of clicks required to execute any operation as much as possible, which demonstrates that it is putting a lot of effort into making the product as user-friendly as possible.

How would you describe Bullhorn’s customer service?

The Bullhorn support has been cited as one area that may need improvement based on user feedback. Customers are most commonly dissatisfied with the vendor’s customer service when responses are delayed. In just two days, we received a response via email from the platform’s support team.

How much money can you spend on a Bullhorn?

It is a common theme in Bullhorn reviews that the company’s product is very expensive. In addition, users dislike add-ons because they must be purchased separately from ATS and CRM software. The price of Bullhorn makes it one of the most expensive alternatives on the market. Bullhorn pricing was provided by customer service at the vendor.

The entry-level ATS and CRM software costs £80 per month per user, while the Enterprise edition costs £120 per month per user (approximately $151 in today’s money) for a team of ten. You will have to pay even more if you require additional services such as VMS integration, automation, or Middle and Back-office technologies. Bullhorn’s competitor, Zoho Recruit, offers an ATS with CRM capabilities, although it is less expensive. According to the provider, the most expensive plan costs £54 per month per user and includes a 14-day free trial. This is in comparison with the Bullhorn demo that can be requested.


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