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It was first used as a workflow tool in 2012. Only 20 people worked for OrangeScape, the company that made the product when it first came out in 2009. It took a lot of time for the company’s product line to grow. In 2008, the company was the best way to manage work. Pepsi, Motorola, and Flipkart are just a few of the companies that have worked with it over the past few years. As of now, it has more than two million subscribers in 121 countries.

Kissflow is good at a lot of different things, like project management, business process management, and onboarding.

Use of Kissflow:

Streamlining and automating routine tasks in the Digital Workplace helps keep the amount of work to a certain level. People who work on projects and cases are part of the four pillars of this method, too.

The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to make shapes. It is possible to put text and numbers, as well as attachments and tables, into any of the fields that you can reach. Dynamic dropdowns are another feature that can be used. People who uses the software says that field validations are a good addition to its already impressive set of features.

These tools make it easy to create new processes, either from scratch or by changing one of the 50 ready-made templates that are already there. Another great thing about this workflow software is how well it manages tasks. Adding tasks, deadlines, and delegating power are all simple things that can be done by a user.

Kissflow BPM is a flexible case management tool. Case sequencing, assigning tasks, and sophisticated reporting tools help you manage unexpected operations like bug tracking, client onboarding, and ticketing, which can happen at the last minute.

Advantages of Kissflow:

  • In a firm, Kissflow has revolutionized the way employees work and saved us a lot of paper by digitally streamlining our decision-making and testing processes.
  • If implemented appropriately, Kissflow proves to be a fantastic idea.
  • In my opinion, Kissflow is a terrific idea that may be made much better when implemented appropriately and precisely.
  • KissFlow makes workflow automation simple and enjoyable.
  • Automatic email reminders are sent once you’ve been assigned a job. 
  • It also “reassigns” a task, allowing some people to step in to fill in for others as necessary.
  • It allows the representative to enquire how things are doing on a one-on-one basis.

Disadvantages of Kissflow:

  • When an employee’s work email address changes. Kissflow submissions erased all previous data.
  • “Many users got dependent on this software and were compelled to switch” when the new version came out.
  • Moving killed many. Because the technique was put together rapidly, not all workflows operated well.
  • Because “migration experts” believe that the easiest approach to remedy a workflow issue is to simply delete the problematic formula. 

A thorough record of the data submitted into KiSSFLOW forms during each set of actions.

Kissflow is Recommended

KiSSFLOW is incredibly adaptable to your business structure. It includes webhooks and Zapier so you can execute automated and manual operations.

There are various methods to send a workflow up the chain, making it difficult to approve, manage, and track all the paper. The report-writing skills allow you to perform all three rapidly. They help speed up procedures while keeping approvals behind them!

KiSSFLOW excels at routing inquiries, making judgments, and finishing jobs that aren’t near together. KiSSFLOW immediately delivers the query or assignment to the next person who can decide or execute the work. No distance means no mail. Keep track of everything with KiSSFLOW and be in command.

It’s a great digital workflow management product for the money. Its versatility allows it to handle any size workflow issue. Reporting may be delayed due to data delays, but it is better than paper-based reporting.


There are several reasons why we think Kissflow is a useful workflow management and automation solution. However, the company’s BPM software illustrates that business process management may be simple. We also admire the platform’s compatibility with third-party apps.

This Kissflow review has us hoping for an Android app for Digital Workplace. We want this app. If such is the case, many organizations will hunt for a cheaper alternative to Kissflow. The product’s pricing is reasonable given its capabilities and potential savings.


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