7 Consent Management Platforms (CMP) Tools for Websites


CMP Tools for websites: Consent management platforms are powerful tools designed to assist companies in complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as other regulations that govern consent collection and management.

A consent management platform is a software service that allows a business to collect and manage its customers’ consent for data processing activities. This platform provides the necessary guided experience for the customers. Along with that, they also help in navigating through the terms and conditions, answer their questions, and ultimately grants consent. One can achieve this by sending an email or SMS to the platform prompting them to take an action.

The issue of getting consent for data management actions related to PII is an important one for companies. PII refers to any information that could identify a person or business, such as a name, medical record number, or social security number. Consent management is an issue for businesses that handle payment transactions or deal with any other personal information of the users. 

The best Cookie Law Management Platform for you depends on your business’s needs. If you only need to apply a cookie consent banner across one site, you will have different requirements. This depends on whether the larger businesses that conduct targeted marketing campaigns or those that need assistance to comply with data privacy standards. A large difference in requirement is whether or not you hold personal information.

We, at Kiwed, has accumulated a list of the top 9 Consent Management Tools for the website 

One Trust: Top CMP Tools for Websites

OneTrust provides solutions to all aspects of data sharing and privacy control. It is based on a user-friendly cloud platform. Furthermore, it maintains a comprehensive database that seeks out, captures, and protects personal information while implementing measures such as the acquisition of consent for data usage and cookies or the processes in place to handle DSAR actions.

This system includes legal services as well as IT systems that provide toll-free numbers and call centres to enhance customer retention and customer service. The OneTrust server allows digital services to be hosted and administered through its dashboard. Additional costs for the service will depend on what areas you require.

Thus, this makes One Trust our favourite top CMP Tool for websites.

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform: CMP Tools for Websites

TrustArc offers a variety of menu items on its Privacy Management Platform to cater to your specific needs. This list of tools includes policy management, PII identification and management, and cookie consent management.

The TrustArc solution helps companies with the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. The platform has data access reporting services together with DSAR management functionality, legal support services and consultation and audit/data processing training resources.

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Our Osano Consent Manager is an all-encompassing platform that handles your data with ease, and there are four different editions from which you can choose. If you’re familiar with cookie consent management systems, you’ll be happy to know that the service is free on every Osano plan but for those of you who aren’t, here’s what it does. When a website user visits your site, the system uses third-party restrictions to find cookies and trackers. It then presents a privacy notice on behalf of your business and collects the user’s response before inserting the appropriate code into your WordPress, law firm or any other site. The system can also assist with international data subject access requests if need be.

Cookiebot: CMP Tool

CookieBot focuses on cookie consent management, not the storage of PII and other user data. The software is an API -based system that allows you to integrate a line of code into any site or app but special consideration is to the functionality of each. The data that CookieBot collects is private and can only be read by you, the owner, or another user-specified with admin privileges, making it another top CMP tool for websites.


CookieYes is another cookie consent management system that, like the free version of CookieConsent, offers a cookie consent form generator. However, CookieYes offers consent banners that are customizable with your own design. This allows you to use our visual customization tools to upload images and edit text. The PRO plan comes with an additional feature where you can add geo-location targeting for those users who have their geolocation services turned on.

Quantcast Choice

Quantcast Choice provides a user with an interface where they can see which companies place cookies on a given website. The software then generates a popup for websites that have included these tools in their coding. The system also features the ability to manage the usage of data by Demand Side Platforms (DSP) directly from within the interface. Quantcast Choice also offers business risk assessments for your brand, product, or site.

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Piwik Pro is a website advertising and consumer tracking service that uses cookies to collect data. This information is then used to serve advertising across multiple channels. Additionally, with the help of a build-in consent manager, it helps you in gaining permission from your users to let you track their activity. The cookie tracker will also spot cookies on websites that were not generated by Piwik Pro and collect analytics based on these too.


Thus, in today’s digitized world, people are more cautious about their personal data. Thus, it becomes necessary for websites to incorporate Consent Management Tools. This is necessary to effectively capture the consent and make it under the GDPR Compliance. 


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