5 Best Cheap Linkedin Automation Tools


Businesses worldwide are moving towards connecting with customers, prospects, and related companies over social media platforms. LinkedIn provides a way to interact with people, but it also gives businesses a publishing platform, a tool for managing an online presence, a lead generation tool, and job posting features to draw in new talent. 

Managing all these features may be overwhelming for any team. Considering more customers are trying to engage businesses after hours, businesses may miss out on conversion opportunities. To reduce the chances of this happening, a business may consider automating some LinkedIn tasks. Further, some of these tools bypass many of the LinkedIn limits and restrictions.

5 of the Best Cheap LinkedIn Automation Tools

Currently, there is a myriad of automation tools for LinkedIn tasks. However, some may be costly to implement, especially if you are a smaller business. The following is a review of five budget-friendly automation tools.

1. LinkedHelper

Many profiles on LinkedIn belong to businesses marketing to the same customer. LinkedHelper simplifies the process of funnel automation, giving your business increased conversions. This versatile lead generation tool naturally integrates with LinkedIn to provide surface-level capabilities while navigating through restrictions and limits. Its features are aimed at sales representatives, marketers, and recruiters. This includes reaching out to B2B clients.

LinkedHelper Key Features

  • Easily personalized outreach templates
  • An in-built customer relationship management tool to keep track of leads
  • An auto-responder that allows reply detection and chain messaging for new connections
  • Naturally extends sales, recruitment, or business functionality in both Premium and Basic profiles
  • Ability to exceed weekly invitation limits
  • Improved workflows for drip campaigns

Coping with LinkedIn Limits and Restrictions

  • By integrating with tools such as Snov.io, LinkedHelper can learn the email addresses of leads even when not directly stated on their profile page. These can then be integrated into an email marketing campaign.
  • LinkedHelper can type messages and click on buttons without pushing any code onto LinkedIn. This makes it possible to naturally mimic human users.

LinkedHelper  Pricing

The LinkedHelper tool has three plan offerings. Its two-week free trial provides you with its core automation features. Beyond this time limit, you would have to upgrade to its Standard or Pro plan. They are priced at $15 and $45 per month, respectively. These prices are discounted when paying for 3, 6, or 12 month periods.

2. Expandi.io

Expandi.io provides LinkedIn messaging to aid in your campaigns and content delivery for outreach programs. Though some users have claimed that the application is limited, it offers enough features to get started on automated functionality. This has made the platform quite popular for prospect list development. Its seamless connection to LinkedIn allows businesses to contact prospects via email. It is also easy to configure and get started. Its Smart Sequences feature allows an organization to develop personalized touchpoints with its target audience.

Expandi.io Key Features

  • Allows management of multiple accounts
  • Integrates marketing and CRM tools
  • Uses a dedicated IP that is country-based that can be accessed even from virtual locations
  • Personalizes interactions with prospective leads

Coping with LinkedIn Limits and Restrictions

Expandi.io uses the warm-up feature that is part of the profile’s interactions to handle LinkedIn restrictions and limits. The feature mimics a human user and gradually increases the number of connection requests and messages it can send out each day. The application applies random delays between activities to avoid LinkedIn algorithms catching AI use.

Expandi.io Pricing

Other than their seven-day free trial, Expandi.io only comes with a single monthly plan of $99, placing its operating cost higher than other offerings reviewed. However, for the feature set it presents, it can improve an organization’s automated outreach program.

3. Lempod

Lempod is a browser-based application that provides organizations with campaign automation tools. It is geared towards driving engagement. The LinkedIn algorithm presents platform users with posts that have the greatest engagement. Lempod promotes connection requests and profile views, which increases an organization’s visibility and LinkedIn network. The application identifies and connects to pods within a particular industry. It then likes and comments on posts you make.

The tool works best for marketers and recruiters and provides them with features to generate traffic to organizational posts.

Lempod Key Features

  • Lempod has brand tracking features that allow you to quantify the effects of marketing efforts toward brand-building campaigns. This would include both conversions and sales
  • Unlike some of the applications in this list, Lempod allows multiple users to operate the same account
  • It has features that allow designing, sourcing, and content distribution. Within these features, you can collect, manage, as well as transmit content to a target audience
  • Lempod can also keep track of comments associated with your organization over LinkedIn through its social media monitoring tools
  • The application can also keep track of customer engagement with your posts on LinkedIn
  • Enables marketers to cut down on their marketing budget by adding influencers to their pods. Influencers in pods can then interact with your posts, bringing you more engagement. By getting content to your intended audience, Lempod increases your conversion rate

Coping with LinkedIn Limits and Restrictions

Though relatively reliable, it is important to note that the application boosts posts by adding likes and comments by those in your pod. If the same pod members become active in every post, LinkedIn may flag the behavior as unusual. Immediate response to posts may look unnatural, compromising your profile.

Lempod Pricing

Although this application has no free offering, it is an affordable tool. For $5 per month, Lempod posts three posts each day on more than one pod. Users can track how effective engagement to their posts is as it offers analytics. Members can also build pods that can have up to 50 members, increasing engagement while reducing effort on your part.

4. Saleshub.ai

For organizations involved in commerce, Saleshub.ai is a powerful tool for leads generation and sales. Its user-friendly interface makes it intuitive. Users can rely fully on the application to analyze data without necessarily working on their LinkedIn profile. It allows marketers to generate accurate profiles of their ideal customers, increasing sales.

Saleshub.ai Key Features

  • The Auto Prospector feature automates outreach efforts based on the generated customer profile
  • Automated emails for outreach programs are personalized
  • Techtracker is a Saleshub.ai feature that allows users to automate the process of prospecting. It allows one to set the schedule, duration, and organizations they intend to prospect
  • The user can decide scheduled automation of campaigns
  • Saleshub.ai also has a spin feature that allows each message to be customized, removing messages’ monotony. It also works for different languages while improving the rate at which messages are opened
  • The automation tool additionally allows organizations to use their website to prospect whenever visitors land on the site, which does not require chats or filling in forms

Saleshub.ai Pricing

Saleshub.ai provides a limited feature set for the free account; however, these are sufficient to get you started. The platform even allows users to start using the application without giving any credit card details. Nonetheless, paid for accounts start at $39 per month. Though this account has a few restrictions, such as the number of emails you can send per month, it still has more than enough features enabled for advanced automation.

5. TexAu

For a business’s growth automation, TexAu presents users with workflows that allow organizations to grab profile data and use it to generate business leads. Sales teams can integrate TexAu into their SaaS and use it to automate components of a campaign, extracting large volumes of records in a relatively short time. This allows sales teams to focus more on developing relationships with potential leads.

TexAu Key Features

  • Unlike traditional connections, you do not require to know one’s email before forming a LinkedIn connection
  • TexAu allows users to extract communication from the Sales Navigator inbox. This could be messages sent to individuals or companies
  • The LinkedIn Profile Scraper feature automatically generates leads. The feature scrapes profile data from the target audience and formats it for use in campaigns
  • Leads are also automatically generated from commenters on posts. This may also include individuals that like a post 

TexAu Pricing

The tool offers a two-week free trial with both the basic and premium features enabled. When the free account is about to expire, TexAu sends you an email to remind you of its expiry and provides you an opportunity to fully get on board. The basic account – Cloud Starter – costs approximately $24, billed annually ($290). This account has several limitations but still provides sufficient features for automated LinkedIn campaigns.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to ensure that your organization opts for the right tool when looking to automate features on LinkedIn. Rolling out the wrong automation tool could see your account restricted by LinkedIn. LinkedIn can flag some subpar tools for sending spam to user accounts, and you want to avoid that headache. However, high-quality tools such as those listed here ensure your organization can fully harness LinkedIn’s power to promote your brand, making any program you choose a worthwhile investment.


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