15Five Software review


More than 2,800 happy clients, including Credit Karma, Spotify, Peloton, and Pendo, have benefited from 15Five. They used the features of 15five that are leadership development and employee engagement solutions. The firm was founded in San Francisco in 2011 and has a strong remote-first culture. We want to assist every leader to create high-performing companies by helping employees. As well as become their best selves through our HR Superstars network and podcast, 15Five.

What is 15five?

Human-centered 15Five software develops managers, highly engaged workers, and high-performing enterprises. that turns out to be more productive and profitable. Employee engagement surveys, one-on-one tools, and performance evaluations are just some of the 15Five features. These make it the most comprehensive management system. 15Five is the sole solution that delivers software matched with the most recent positive psychology research. This is all thanks to its use of the Positive Product DesignTM process.

15Five is a great tool that is both convenient and easy in using. Represent your objectives and keep track of how far you’ve come in the process of reaching them. Using 15FIVE, you can get a sense of the pulse of your corporation from the perspective of your employees.

Advantages of 15five:

  • The 15Five group (two persons) conducted a webinar to demonstrate the software to employees and management.
  • Employees and management are motivated to provide feedback by the product process, emails, and other reminders.
  • Reporting identified one employee who needed assistance is present.  it enabled to identify and address the person’s sentiments and concerns and avert turnover.
  • Weekly goals are updated simply and methodically. that is in line with quarterly target planning and corresponds to the annual OKR defined.
  •  Provides a sense of direction to follow, document and alter your performance-related methods and successes.
  • Your managers and coworkers will be reminded each week to complete and share tasks that you looking ahead to responding to.
  • Encourages the recording of your progress, strategies, and the execution of significant job tasks. 
  • The HIGH FIVE feature encourages you to recognize the contributions of your teammates and keeps you on track.

Disadvantages of 15five:

  • Although some people selected the vacation mode, but still receive reminders to complete the form.
  • They’ve introduced so many functions that are not utilized. So users prefer a clearer breakdown of what they can do.
  • There is room for improvement in the goal-setting process. Maybe a calendar tool to keep track of long-term goals would be helpful.

15Five Pricing

As a subscription service, 15Five’s plans and pricing are invoiced every year. Basic, Plus, and Performance packages are the three options available. The other is a customized plan that makes use of all the features offered by 15Five. Pricing for the Performance package can only be obtained by contacting 15Five directly.

15 is recommended:

  • The sales team has found 15Five to be extremely helpful when it comes to providing detailed sales reports for use by upper management. Upper management can forecast sales for the current and upcoming quarters. This can be done using this solution’s robust disclosure on deal opportunity health.
  • Processes and techniques like 15Five should be used by companies of all sizes. A lack of employee engagement can harm the organization’s mission (for non-profit organizations) or profits.
  • It’s a good product if you’re looking for something simple but engaging.
  • Any department or individual, regardless of size or type, can use 15Five to set annual, quarterly, or even weekly goals as part of their evaluation process. For roles, industries, and organizations of all sizes and types, it works regardless of the fact that it’s a basic pay-only compensation model.


You should add 15Five to your current software facilities if you prefer to enhance the productivity of your employees. It also helps to build a strong working partnership among your group leaders and the people who work for them.

15Five makes it simple to keep tabs on what’s going on in your corporation and maintain communication with your coworkers. Giving your employees the ability and a framework to embrace their successes, setbacks, and new ideas is a great way to get them more involved in the work at hand. With accurate feedback and regular communication, you’ll be able to boost the production efficiency of your company


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