13 AI tools for Sales Funnels


AI-tools for sales funnels: There is a gradual rise in how people have started looking at artificial intelligence for generating business with recent technology advancements. AI-based sales assistant tools have lately been catering to provide more comprehensive benefitted solutions to lead generation for companies for boosting sales. These tools are highly used by marketing and sales teams to build efficiency while providing a way for eliminating repetitive outreach for sales. 

In this piece, we have brought for our readers a tried and tested curation of the 13 best AI tools for creating sales funnels. These AI-based sales assistant tools help boost sales and create marketing funnels with ease of access. 

1. Warmer.ai- AI-tools for sales funnels

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Warmer.ai is an AI-based software for personalizing emails with touchpoint to help sales teams create sales and marketing funnels. It also has software where teams can work together and schedule meetings all at one place. 

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2. Drift 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Drift is a sales assistant tool that helps companies qualify leads while managing their sales cycle. The assistant tool works with the help of a well-programmed chatbot where customers can schedule sales calls directly with the team. The software offers personalized marketing and sales catch up, a great business booster. 

3. Import.io: AI-tools for sales funnels

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Import.io is an AI-based assistant tool that helps businesses import data from different web pages all in one place. The software also has a unique feature to create effective and creative sales funnels which are best for sales pitches. 

4. Dooly 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Dooly is an Ai based software that uses CRM with salesforce to integrate large sales requirements for more prominent companies. It automates this process with the help of its seamless information. It also provides pipeline updates to make creative sales funnels. 

5. Troops 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Troops AI integrates and works hand-in-hand with Slack and Microsoft teams to conduct seamlessly integrated business meetings. The software also works with an impact revenue system to provide data-packed funnel options for creative sales pitches. 

6. Exceed AI: AI-tools for sales funnels

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Exceed AI is a software that offers companies to qualify their sales needs with AI chatbots. It is also an excellent platform for booking appointments automatically with the help of seamless AI programming without any hassles.

7. X.Ai 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

X AI is a powerful sales tool for creating automated general meetings with potential sales clients. It is a perfect example of how beautifully AI is structured with technology to help businesses develop workflows and sales funnels to potential leads. It makes scheduling meetings and appointments effortless for companies. 

8. Tact AI 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Tact AI is a next-generation artificial intelligence sales tool that helps businesses engage with customers from any platform. The software aims to change CRM from just a simple platform of records to a potential system of creating engagement. Not only this, but their chatbot assistant helps companies to deal with customers without any hassle saving the time and energy for employing a new person for doing the job. 

9. Sales Director 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

SalesDirector.ai AI-tools for sales funnels tool provides data-driven sales results to businesses. It also offers a seamless funnel making process for those who do not know how to make marketing and sales funnels. It captures data automatically. After capturing the data, it then provides analytic stats to make intelligent sales decisions. 

10. Saleswhale 

Saleswhale is a saviour AI software for businesses looking to enhance their sales funnels. This software loop leads back to the already made sales funnels and provides feedback based on loopholes that companies made earlier. Additionally, this is the best feature that no other AI software is providing. Through this software, businesses can genuinely work upon their sales funnels and make better with Saleswhale. 

11. Zoovu 

AI assitant tools for sales funnels

Zoovu is an AI sales assistant tool that aims at providing an assistant chatbot that assists just like a human being. Furthermore, they help customers find what they are looking for without wasting any time. It also provides the option for getting virtual assistance for sales funnels. 

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12. People AI: AI-tools for sales funnels

People AI is software that authenticates the tradition of keeping salesforce as its active component. It helps businesses get new leads and get in line faster without wasting time. 

13. Lead Pages 

Lead pages is an AI-tools for sales funnels that helps recognize potential leads and engagement tactics. It also has funnel templates for businesses to create impactful sales pitches. 


Technology is the basis of growth. Do not forget to try these AI tools for creating impactful sales funnels. We hope this article helped you!

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